Yoga on Demand

We offer a range of yoga sessions through a local yoga studio that will come to Inspire Beach Resort to lead the session. E can offer various size groups from 1-on-1 upwards and at different intensity levels depending on experience. Everything can be catered to the group’s goals and abilities.

Yoga Nidra – this practice cultivates a deep physical and emotional relaxation through yogic sleep. The teacher will guide you through a relaxed awareness as you set up in your most comfortable shape. (All Levels)

Yin – floor based long hold shapes used to release the fascial lines and tension within your body

Meditation – cultivate a sense of attention and focus by systematically bringing awareness to breath, body, internal and external environments (All Levels)

Vinyasa Flow – this class builds heat and will play with faster movements. This could be beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Gentle Flow – this class will move slower and create a connection between body and breath (All Levels)

Restorative – long hold shapes that are completely supported by props. A perfect way to reset, restore, and recharge. (All levels)

Any combination of these styles can be delivered.

The yoga studio supplies props (bolsters, blankets, straps, blocks, eye pillows) for the sessions.


You can request pricing and availability of these services on the booking checkout page